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BEST Health And Wellness Affiliate Programs

Best health and wellness affiliates
Written by wileka

Health and Fitness has emerged as one of the most lucrative businesses in recent times. The initial investment is far from excessive and if properly run, the potential rewards can be very lucrative indeed. Mind you, it is only fair to point out however, that success in this field requires the patience of a saint, hard work and time.

Affiliate marketing in this field on the other hand, offers far less of the headaches associated with running such a high end operation and may also transpire as a major source of passive revenue for bloggers and internet marketers.

The demand for health and wellness goods for consumers is constant, which makes them a profitable option for bloggers and affiliate marketers. The sector includes Beauty and health, of which both men and women take great interest. In the case for men, Fitness, potency and muscular mass provide a great source of potential income for the advertiser. Well-being i.e. fighting depression also offer attractive affiliate programs. Other illnesses such as diabetes, psoriasis, are also some of the hundreds of items in a range of this very lucrative industry. 

You will do well to research your areas of interest thoroughly and then funnel your affiliate programs to a more targeted audience. That way you will be able to reach the precise audience in your particular niche and ensure your creatives and promotional funds are cost effective.

Some Health and Wellness Affiliate Programs.

NutriProfits is a good affiliate program which offers Affiliates and marketer the opportunity to earn money by selling products from the Health and Beauty category.

This affiliate program brings together some of the best converting brands in the industry. The products are of the highest effectiveness and quality, and payment is usually up to a 40% commission for intermediate in sales. The rules are simple and effective!

Starting an affiliate program with this cooperation is completely free of charge. All you need to do is take a few minutes to register for the affiliate program – here. You will then be able to log into your account dashboard following confirmation. It is that simple.

Excellent support is also available should you require. All the necessary information and materials necessary to promote your products will be available in the affiliate panel. There is also regular contact via email about the possibilities of promoting our products, as well as about ways to increase conversion and traffic.

You do not need a website to promote. Promotions can be done through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can also create blogs and promote your affiliate programs.

There is also full transparency which means all your activities and earnings are always accessible.

MarketHealth is one of the best converting health programs in the industry.

For over 10 years Market Health has been the industry leader in the performance based Health and Beauty space. They manufacture, own, and operate over Health Beauty’s 200 products in over 100 countries.

Partnered with Has Offers, they are a proven leader in real-time affiliate tracking to offer affiliates a robust and reliable tracking system which ensures that your payment will always be up to date.
Because they are always in tune with the latest product trends and customer behavior as well as utilizing real time optimization software, Market Health always has the right offers and pages that convert.

Their direct association with Market Health ensures you the highest pay-outs. The have no middleman, which means more money goes directly to their affiliates! All their offers are exclusive
with the guaranteed top pay-out on the offer. The beauty of this program is that the money doesn’t stop once you had made a sale. Affiliates earn recurring income on marketing to customers via newsletters and coupon offers.

There are hundreds of international campaigns complete with all localized languages and processing methods.
They also provide a complete advertising creative suite for all of their products and their in-house design team can be available if needed.

New affiliates can join the program here.

MoreNiche  is another great affiliate network specializing in the health and wellness niche.

Their business model is similar to that of Market Health. The only difference being that while MarketHealth has their own products in-house, MoreNiche represent and offer health
supplements from various Marchant.

Although they are not as comprehensive as MarketHealth, there quality of service is very good and reliable. It also means they are very focused, specializing in bodybuilding supplements, weight loss products, teeth whitening solutions, and more adult-oriented items.

But where they’re different is that MoreNiche apparently represents health supplements from separate merchants.
Their commissions rate is excellent and more than makes up for a more limited range of affiliate offers.

Join them here

The structure of the commissions is as follows:

The provision structure determines how much you are compensated for each transaction when you sell something. It is often specified as a percentage. The choice of an affiliate network paying a fair payout rate is important.

A list of goods presently available is shown below:

The most successful programs for health and wellness affiliates will offer its members a broad range of goods. This enables you to advertise goods related to your target audience and to provide a broad range of content on your site.

Life expectancy cookie:

The cookie length will vary to suit each affiliate program. Cookie lengths may vary from 24 hours to more than one year. The longer the cookie is active, the higher the possibility of a commission being earned.


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