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21 TOP EARNING Fitness Affiliate Programs 2021

Written by wileka

Once an article has been published, your affiliate links are inserted and the material may continue to produce revenue for you for years to come. Some fitness affiliate networks are better than others, but you may choose from a lot of fitness affiliate networks. In this post, we have developed a list of 21 of our favourite programmes to assist you to get started with high-quality goods that your target audience wants.


Reebok is a globally renowned brand for men, women and children in the athletic business. You may also find a variety of shoes, accessories and sports equipment to assist you to achieve your objectives. During the 30 day cookie period, the Reebok affiliate programme earns up to 7% of revenue. They offer sportswear for an average of $80, therefore it may be an excellent chance for you to market sportswear.


Fitbit is a well-known company in the fitness tracking and smartwatch sector that produces attractive fitness trackers and smartwatches. This business also offers excellent accessories and apparel as well as smart water bottles.

CJ Affiliate manages the affiliate programme which has strong rates (a 7-day EPC at this time of $59,86) and claims excellent conversion rates. CJ Affiliate administers its affiliate programmes. However, even if your compensation rate is only 3%, you should be able to earn a big difference from the high rates and a large amount of money via your affiliate programme.

Horizon Fitness provides a scheme of affiliates.

Over more than 35 years, Horizon Exercise has established a reputation as a leading provider of exercise equipment of excellent quality. You should join their affiliate programme to offer durable workout equipment to your demographic target and also generate significant revenues.

Work out wherever you want.

Training Anywhere is a popular training programme for those who prefer to exert at home or don’t have time to go to the gym. The concept for the programme was developed in 2012 by Jessica and Justin Rundle. The programme seeks to help those who, due to their hectic schedules, cannot or cannot attend the gym.

Workout Anywhere consists of a compilation of fundamental everyday exercises that can be done anywhere (at home, in the fitness centre or on the move). The software includes meal planning, resetting, mobile coaching, exercise videos, interactive challenges and awards, training courses, goal monitoring and compatibility with wearable appliances.

In addition, you may monitor your daily progress by downloading your smartphone application and participating in training sessions. Their wage rate is very high with every new registration, ranging from 30 to 50%, and it is highly profitable. The Workout Anywhere app is a great choice for people who want to undertake training but have neither time nor finances to go to the fitness centre. You may easily advertise this app to your target audience through your website by having a fitness or wellness website.

JumpSport Fitness is a sports and other activities fitness programme.

JumpSport’s trampolines are renowned for their usage in the yard and in general for exercise reasons. Mark Publicover established the business in 1995. In addition, he developed the trampoline safety net, along with a range of trampoline safety enclosures. (JumpSport Inc., co-founder and CEO) Their goods are for purchase designed to be enjoyed by the entire family, including children and adults.

Many prizes were also presented for their goods in a variety of publications and television programmes. Their goods are famous for their excellent quality, and their customers have received many favourable remarks. Trampolines are a popular method to practise and lose weight with pleasure for many individuals. 


GNC (formerly known as General Nutrition Centres) is a global health and food store with sites all over the world. A variety of health supplements are now available on the market. Vitamins, superfoods, health items and much more are all available. GNC is a store for one-stop. Medicines for the reduction of weight, herbal supplements, protein drinks, cosmetics, and even training equipment and clothing are all easily available on the market these days.

GNC will satisfy your target audience’s requirements who or what they are. Due to their broad range of goods, it is easy to discover things appropriate for your target demographic.

CrazyMass provides a scheme of affiliates.

The online store of CrazyMass provides anabolic steroids that are legal for bodybuilding usage. They provide products for a range of objectives, including cutting, development of strength, endurance and bulking. These anabolic steroids are completely legal and help with nitrogen retention and testosterone production.

You may be able to get a 40% off the sale of CrazyMass products on your website. Bonuses and incentives depending on your degree of accomplishment may also be eligible.

The CrazyMass Affiliate Network is extremely profitable but they are not your ordinary fitness goods. But it is essential to know. Anabolic steroids of CrazyMass are aimed at specific demographics of people growing muscle bulk via supplements.

You need to identify who your audience is before advertising CrazyMass goods on the internet. A unique fitness niche, the fitness affiliate network of CrazyMass may boost your earnings if you advertise it efficiently and efficiently to the right individuals.


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