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Ways To Validate Niche Site Growth Potential and Revenue

Written by wileka

Here are three different methods I’m going to teach you today for evaluating specialized site development and end-income sources. There are plenty of reasons why you should be doing this, so I’ll go ahead and do it for you.

It allows your growth and scalability, we have built two different websites, one we’ve just been working on for 19 months, and the other, recently launched, was in development for around 19 months. For a long now, we’ve been conducting these case studies as public examples of the Brand Creators Academy. Our two websites currently get over a hundred thousand unique page views each day. There are around 70,000 to 80,000 unique visitors per month. On the other side, though, the number of individuals in attendance is about 40,000, which is fantastic. We’re very excited about this. I’d like to provide you a few of the reasoning for this choice.

Having the first stages of your project completed within the first 60 days

Beginning in November of 2010, I began experimenting with the book’s method for building specialized AdSense sites. My work was limited to building the websites and writing part of the material, but I still contributed in other ways.

Over the course of a few months, I created a total of eight to ten full-function websites from scratch (on my own). The building was built, but only around six to eight stories were completed. On December 20, 2010, I announced that I wanted to use a couple of our team members to assist me.

Our Virtual Assistants began by collecting my email requests and used them to produce original and secondary material for the websites. While another employee joined to assist with site setup, all keyword research was still being done by me alone in December. In order to manage our workload, I developed a basic spreadsheet that tracked our numerous tasks.

Expansion for the Next 120 Days

We were not spending more money than we were bringing in at this point. The purpose of getting this information to our workers in January and February was to raise awareness of this change among them. I had him build a few test sites to demonstrate to him how to do it, and then I taught him how to create three more spreadsheets.

Making six figures in a profitable year

Build a website dedicated to a particular specialty. According to him, “I loved to write about different aspects of our legal firm and to provide prospective customers informed.” He says the company has expanded from there.

After examining how content marketing helped expand the business of Dykstra, Dykstra started creating specialized websites on the side. After these specialized websites started to draw internet traffic and produce money, he found that it became more difficult to merge a legal profession with an online company.

There is a necessity to make a decision in everybody’s life. It is difficult to accomplish both objectives simultaneously. “It seemed more attractive to me to blog and write online, so I selected that route,” Dykstra adds.

In 2012, he quit his job as a law firm partner to devote all of his time to developing specialized websites for enterprises. A niche site concentrates on specific topics, such as sports automobiles, and draws visitors through the use of high-quality, site-optimized search engine content. A hyper-niche site delves into a particular subject even more.

In addition to software, web hosting, and some outsourcing, a specialist website may also be converted into a successful business enterprise with minimal resources and resources. Dykstra generates a large proportion of its revenues from its specialized websites, funded mostly by display advertising and, to a lesser degree, affiliate marketing.

According to the December 2019 income report of Dykstra, 7 of those specialized sites earned a total of $55,493 in revenues, mostly via advertising revenues during a 31-day period. During the same year, his business incurred $17,828 in expenditures. If you want to establish a comparable creative company, the three success criteria below will decide your success rate.

Content of high quality is provided

By publishing extensive texts on a wide range of subjects, Dykstra aims to expand the reach of its specialized websites. A considerable percentage of the material of Dykstra is provided by third-party agencies, which represent a substantial proportion of its monthly expenses. He was also recruited to assist him with his website by a content strategist.


For an ambitious entrepreneur, it may be tempting to build several specialized sites simultaneously and look forward to the best, especially when looking at the potential of a specialist site returning. Dykstra cautions, however, “that it is extremely difficult to manage that many sites.”

The management of many websites has its own set of technical difficulties and concerns, which may be daunting. If a WordPress plugin fails on a single site, the owner of the site is almost sure to solve this problem on all sites in the same group of sites.


It may take months or years before an online publisher receives a good return on their investment in a specialized website. In order to get high ranks in Google search results, a large number of high-quality items or backlinks must be available. Other significant variables are the age and authority of the domain. Changes to Google’s search algorithm may pose a risk to businesses’ operations.

These occurrences are not occurring throughout the six-month time-frame. In most instances, the process of development is long unless you are extremely fortunate or know exactly what you are doing. Dykstra continues to assert, “In six months, I can’t make it happen.” It is essential not to abandon the project too soon, but also to invest money in something that has little possibility of success.


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