How To Balance Work And Family Time

How to balance work and family
Written by wileka

Although employment is an accepted social standard, your work should not limit your hobbies and your ability to enjoy life. In other words, you should never settle for an unhappy work existence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying that work should always be a bundle of laughs, rather that it should be interesting enough that you look forward to getting out of bed in the morning, knowing that the ultimate goal is to get paid at the end of the day or month.

My advice to you is that you choose a career so so close to your heart that you would do for little or no money given the chance. “There is nothing worse than doing a job you detest”.  If you happen to find yourself in one of those jobs that make you question your purpose daily, taking a break from work every so often will help manage the anxiety associated with your work. If that doesn’t work then it is time to look for another jobs. You should always strive to balance your work and home life.

Make a list and prioritize your tasks.

We all know the demands of everyday living and how it can easily impact your home life. As a result you need to prioritize your tasks. This will help you manages your workload and objectives more effectively. There is nothing stopping your from working hard at your career, having a healthy home life, and still be a hands-on parent if you choose. You may even have time to further your education in order to improve your career prospect. offers a great educational solution at a very affordable price. 

Additionally, you may be dealing with family issues which can put a huge strain on your work and home life balance, like caring for an elderly parents or coping with a family disorder or even being a lone parent trying to juggle both work and quality of life at the sane time whilst finding time to be a good parent. Always remember that there are only 24 hours in a day and you should always make time for yourself to relax at the end of the day. This will help maintain a good balance and quality of life.

Make a timetable and carry out all your tasks.

For most people, Monday to Friday are the busiest times of week so by adequate planning and good preparation over the weekend, you may eliminate most of the potential stress of the coming week. As the saying goes, ”To be fore warned is to be fore armed”. So invest in a daily planner and plan each day with military precision.  Another trick is to prepare series of meals over the weekend, freeze them and reheat during the week to save time from cooking in the week after a hectic day. 

You must never be afraid or embarrassed to seek the assistance from friends and family. 

A healthy life is a wealthy life.

As a final note, your health is your most important asset. You should therefore look after it. Take regular small exercise where possible and try a eat a well balanced diet rich in protein and vitamin. Eat plenty of greens and fruits. Plenty of water helps to flush out body toxins so always drink plenty. Remember that a well balanced and healthy lifestyle will always be well equipped to deal with every day stress. Your health is your wealth. It is your most valuable asset so cherish it accordingly.


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