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Passive income
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Have you ever had a dream of earning a passive income? One which you hope will take you to the point where your earnings equates to or surpasses your regular income? These ideas may very well be for you. You can easily key into any of these ideas and start building your wealth starting today.

You are about to discover amazing ways everyday individuals like you can profit from the comforts of their home by doing smarter stuff online and earning serious passive income along the way.

What is Passive Income?
Simply put, passive income is an income that requires very little or no effort at all on your part to generate a regular income.

Dividend Shares

Dividend shares is one of the best examples of passive income. With this form of investment you are buying a stake in a company with views of having a share in the profits of that company. There is no work involved on your part at all. In some cases investing requires very little capital. You simply invest on a regular basis by direct debit and build your portfolio over time. compounding your returns will help you build up enough capital to comfortably live off the dividends over time. As with all passive income you are making your money work for you.

One method of investing is in shares is to buy what is know as Fraction Shares. We all know that shares like Tesla or Apple are well beyond the reaches of mere mortals and newbie investors. Fraction Shares afford you the opportunity to purchase a fraction of those shares at a more affordable price, giving you a foothold in those high end companies. Invest212 is one of the best sites for Fraction Shares. It is commission-free and this link gives the opportunity to receive free shares to start you off.


Create And Sell Online Courses

Did you know that online courses are among the top ten way to make passive income online?
The outbreak of Covid restrict of lot of free movement as we know it. More and more people suddenly realized  they have more time on their hands. Using it wisely to learn something new was always going to be the best option. This is where you cash in.

Look For Something You Are Good At
Do you have a special talent? Is there something you know how to do better than the average person? then you are in a good position to create an
online course. It is not as difficult as it seems.

First decide what you want to teach. Make sure it’s something you are passionate about. Like fishing, carpentry, dog training – to mention a few. Then register your interest with a course sites like Udemy to present your course in a professional manner. They guide you with setting up and everything you need to make a success of your course.

Give Snippets For Free
It may be necessary to give you audience a free snippet of your course or extracts just to get a feel for how they respond. This will also help to introduce your program and build your mailing list for future courses. You can then sell directly to your list as your business grows.

There are also new and innovative ways of create online courses. 

Coursium is an intuitive application which helps you to set up your courses with any hassle. It is as simple as pasting your courses and setting up a course page. It also gives you the option to ink your courses to Paypal and set a password for access.

You can check out Coursium Here.

Promote Your Courses
You can easily promote your course on youtube or social media like Facebook etc initially. As your audience and income grows, add your promotions to Microsoft or Google pay-per-click for a wider audience. Set up your promotions so that you can collect email lists of your potential customers. One way is to give something for free in exchange for their names and email address. As you list grows, so is your potential to maximize your income.


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